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The Making of an Emotional Promotional

Countless promotional pens, pencils and the like are sitting on your desk this very moment. In any case, they are piled on mine- I have so many, my pen holder keeps tipping! Now, think about how this affects you. Are you now going to patronize a business because you frequently use a pen emblazoned with its name? Chances are that you won’t. In truth, most promotional items accomplish some level of brand recognition, but not much else. Once you are investing effort and money in a promotional product, why not ensure that it offers the maximum benefit for your marketing strategy? Yes, promotionals can be most powerful when used effectively!

Before ordering a promotional product, understand the key aspects to strategizing for an effective promotional item. Think of the item, the message on it and the time that it is distributed. When deciding on a promotional product, be prepared to ask yourself these three “W” questions:

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What will EMOTIONALLY connect them to your business or non-profit organization?
  3. When are they most likely to need your services?

Now, let’s zoom in on a personal experience of mine in this field when our group worked with a non-profit organization that fundraises on behalf of sick children. Instead of the typical pens or shopping bags, we suggested that they take a different route entirely. Here, our target audience belonged to the general public. In order to reach such a diverse group of people with a powerful emotional pull, we decided on a travel Band-Aid holder with the message, “For some, merely placing a Band-Aid won’t heal their illness. Your donation can change that! Donate today: 555-555-5555.”

Now, all children need a silly Band-Aid at some point, and their little time of need is the optimal time for their parents to internalize an emotional message and become motivated to donate to sick children. Allowing the public to clearly feel the genuinely sick children’s pain is integral to success. A band-aid vs. a serious illness? The results from this small project were outstanding. The organization saw a response rate of over 80% amongst those who received the promotional item!

Research has shown that 60-64% of recipients of well thought-out promotional items did business with the advertiser after receiving an item. Can you name the last time an ad in a newspaper brought 62% of the readers to your doorstep? (Wishful thinking…)

A promotional item can be a most powerful ad, but only when every aspect is thoroughly calculated. With such great potential, don’t lose the chance! Pointy pens, sometimes are just… well, pointless. Get on with the show and generate results!

Rivky Wachtfogel is the President of RB Creative Marketing Group, an exclusive marketing and design service firm located in Lakewood, NJ. She specializes in creating powerful & strategic marketing solutions and design to help small businesses and non-profits achieve optimal success. To learn more, visit www.rbcreativemg.com or email her at rivky@ rbcreativemg.com.

Posted on May 18, 2014 in Branding, Marketing

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  1. Malkie Scholnick
    May 19, 2014 at 11:23 pm · Reply

    Love the tips here. The bandaid holder idea is so unique and the slogan you tied with it simply amazing!

    • Rivky
      May 20, 2014 at 11:09 pm · Reply

      Thanks! Just another bonus note – When a business or non-profit does out-of-the box promos, it creates a strong impression of the brand. Besides the basic results of a donation, or business – clients like to see that the business has creativity, and in effect will make sure that their project / job that they need will be handled by a company that can come up with unique techniques to make sure it’s successful. Wouldn’t you be happier with a company like that? I definitely would!

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