You Love Ice Cream

You like ice cream, don’t you?! Think of a crisp sugar cone with swirls of delectable chocolate and vanilla ice cream mounted on top, the rims glistening with wet cream and the tip curling temptingly inward. Think of those rich, velvety licks and the cool moisture slipping down your throat. If this imagery doesn’t send you running to buy an ice cream, I don’t know what will!

Take a moment to think of what may have compelled you to turn into your now-favorite ice cream parlor, or what lured you into a specific restaurant, clothing boutique or hardware store. Chances are, it was by word of mouth, words from a magazine or circular, or the magical ring of the store name and slogan – but whatever it was – you are sold! Words have that cunning ability! From haircuts to houses, ad copy creates vivid pictures in our minds, tempting enough to get us places. Next time you find yourself browsing through a rack of sale items at a price-slashing, sale-like-never-before event, consider yourself tricked into action!

And when you are a vendor or service provider, the power to catch your clients hook, line and sinker is in your hands, or words. Attach the bait to your rod with careful deliberation before reeling out to sea. I’m warning you- watch out for some big fish!

Posted on June 30, 2014 in Branding, Copy, Marketing

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Rivkie Krause regards words as powerful and potent tools to make people shiver, shake, cry and laugh – and do just about anything! With a passion for writing rooted deeply in her blood, Rivkie has received recognition for her writing abilities from an early age. Her countless published pieces incorporate a range of genres, but Rivkie has found her niche within the field of marketing. Here, her creativity, writing skill and appreciation for design fuse together to produce masterful work.

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